SSO Log in Troubleshooting

Use this article to help navigate your SSO log in issues

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Are you having trouble logging into your Vygo account using the SSO (single sign-on) feature? Try the following steps to rectify the problem:

  1. Ensure you are using Vygo’s preferred web browsers: Chrome, Safari or Firefox (here’s an article on what web browsers work best with Vygo).

  2. Empty your web browser cache and delete any cookies.

  3. If this techie lingo sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry – we’ve got you! Find the web browser you are using below and follow the steps to clear your cache.

Google Chrome - Clear cache and cookies

  1. If clearing your cache and removing your cookies still doesn’t solve the problem, quit your web browser altogether (right-click the application and select ‘quit’) or exit the Vygo app (on your device, click the home button then swipe up the app to close it).

  2. Next, try using a different web browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox).

  3. Restart your device.

  4. Try and log in to the Vyo platform using your SSO on both the Vygo mobile app and the web app.

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