How Do I Book A Session?

Before booking a session, it is best to have a conversation with your mentor using Vygo’s in-app chat feature to confirm some details.

We recommend you double check their availability (date and time), work out where the session will be located (online or in-person somewhere) and discuss the content you’d like to cover.

Step 1. - Click or tap on the 'Program' you require a session.

Step 2. - Click or tap the mentor 'profile' you would like a session with.

Step 3. - Ensure you 'Send a Message' to the mentor before requesting a session. (optional but recommended)

Step 4. - Once you have organised a session date and time via message, it's now time to book your session. Click or tap 'Request Session'.

Step 5. - Using the drop-down menu's, add all the session details, ensuring the session date and time are in the future.

  • Your Program ( Select the program you need help with)
  • Your Location (Select the location you require - e.g. online, on-campus)
  • Your Session Date (Ensure the selected date is in the future)
  • Your Session Time (Ensure the selected time is in the future)
  • Your Select Duration (Select the session duration - it is better to overestimate your time. The session time can be altered by the mentor when they complete the session )

Step 6. - Double check your session details then click or tap 'Request Session'.

Step 7. - If you receive a confirmation message from Vygo, your session request was successfully sent to the mentor.

Note: The mentor has 16 hours to accept your request between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm AEST. If your mentor takes no action within the designated timeslot, your request will expire, and the booking will automatically decline.

Step 8.- The pending session request will be available on your 'Dashboard' or under the 'Sessions page > Pending'.

Step 9. - The mentor will 'Accept' 'Decline' or 'Reschedule' your session request.

Please watch this video below which replicates the entire booking flow.