What Is Vygo, and How Does It Work?

Vygo is revolutionary student support and mentoring platform that makes seeking and giving help accessible to all. Born from a passion for equitable education and a fierce desire to ensure no one gets left behind, the user-friendly portal offers a comprehensive index of university and industry support services filtered by the institution.

Mentors come in the form of fellow students, university staff, alumni and industry professionals, and Vygo's strict vetting process and quality-control system mean everyone can communicate in safety and with confidence. Whether students need a hand improving their English, understanding a complex element of refugee law, fine-tuning their advanced accounting skills or even reaching out to access mental health services, Vygo can provide a solution.

Not only is Vygo designed specifically for university students – but they also created it. Back when the Vygo founders were studying, they witnessed far too many of their peers falling through cracks in their institution’s support system. Accordingly, they set about designing a tool to empower student support.

The name Vygo comes from educational psychologist Lev Vygotsky: a pioneer in his field who strongly believed that social interaction plays a critical role in learning. Often touted as the Mozart of psychology, Vygotsky’s social development theories highlight the value of leaning on your peers as a learning resource, an ethos Vygo wholly embodies to help students bridge knowledge gaps and achieve their goals ultimately. Like Vygotsky, at Vygo, we believe that "through others, we become ourselves".

How does it work?

Vygo’s support services can be accessed in many different ways. Our in-app chat feature allows for easy and instant written communication, and we have built-in video calls that can be made online at any time of the day. Depending on your institution, on-campus or in-person help may also be an option, be it one-to-one support or one-to-many.

Where can I access the Vygo platform?

Read this helpful article on how to download our mobile app or use our web app.

How do I register?

From our login page, hit the Register Now! button to sign up to your institution for free. If your institution is not available in the drop-down list, please read this helpful article.

Once you’re all logged in, you’ll be greeted with a wealth of options you can access immediately. If you’re a mentee, check out the programs available to you, join whichever are relevant and browse the profiles of mentors. When you’ve found someone you’d like to reach out to, you can instantly send them a message and request a session.

If you’re a mentor, hit the ‘Programs’ tab in the top menu or from your 'Dashboard' and select those you’d like to sign up to provide assistance for.

You will then have to complete your mentor profile and within one business day, your profile will be reviewed and accepted by our friendly Vygo Support Team if no adjustments are required.

NOTE: If your institution is not available on the registration page, read the ' Can I use Vygo if my institution is not available' article for more information.