The Vygo Team has something fresh and exciting up our sleeves, and it's coming your way SOON!

Over the past few months, we've been hard at work behind the scenes creating something spectacular – a new version of Vygo that is super accessible and more user friendly than ever. 🀩

Here's some insight into what's to come:

πŸš€ The Vygo web app URL will be changing from to

πŸš€ The entire Vygo platform has had a facelift and is looking fantastic.

πŸš€ More information about your programs will be available at your fingertips.

πŸš€ You can be both a mentor AND a mentee in the one platform! This means you no longer have to select a user type when you sign up – instead; you can choose it for each program, allowing you to give support in areas you are competent in and get support in areas you need help with.

When will the new platform be released?

We are anticipating that the new platform will be released on Monday the 14th of December.

Scheduled Vygo App Maintenance

⛔️ The Vygo app (both mobile and web) is scheduled to be unavailable on Monday the 14th of December from 7.00 am (GMT/UTC + 10.00h) to approximately 9.00 am (GMT/UTC + 10:00h). Please note this time is reflected as Queensland, Australia timezone.

What happens after the release?

πŸ“± Mobile App
Once the release has successfully updated, your Vygo mobile app will prompt you to update your app version internally. If you do not update, Vygo will subsequently not run.

πŸ–₯ Web App
If you are using the web app, click or tap your web browser 'refresh button' or go to the following URL:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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