To join a program and access help from one of our friendly mentors, start by heading to the ‘Programs’ page – which can be reached by clicking the menu option in the top right corner of your screen. Alternatively, if you’re on the dashboard, under the heading ‘Your Programs’, you’ll see a box called ‘Browse Programs’ which will take you to the ‘Programs’ page.

You will then be able to peruse what’s available under the ‘All programs’ tab. Scroll through and find what you want or use the search box to filter the list according to your search terms.

Once you have clicked a program you are interested in, you will be able to read more information on it under the ‘About this program’ header. Note that you might need to click on the blue arrow to expand the text. If you are keen to join the program that you’re reading about, click the blue ‘Join Program’ button. You might be able to jump straight in, but some programs will prompt you with a few questions to ascertain your needs beforehand. Once you have answered them, you may be asked to read over the program’s guidelines, and then you will either become a member automatically or your status will be set to ‘Pending Join Request’ until your membership is approved – which shouldn’t take long!

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