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How Does an Online Video Session Work?
How Does an Online Video Session Work?

Step by step process to start your online video session

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Have you booked in an online session and don't know how it will work? Here is a step by step guide on how to start and finish your online video session. Vygo recommends conducting online video sessions via the Vygo web app on a laptop, PC or tablet device for better video and functionality.

Step One - Open the booked session card available on your 'Dashboard' or under the 'Sessions > Booked' page.

Step Two - Click or tap the 'Join Video Session' button. A video room will be available 30-minutes prior to a booked session and 30-minutes after the scheduled session duration end.



Step Three - A personalise video room will automatically be generated. Note: You can make the video full screen by hovering your mouse over the video and clicking the button in the top right corner.

Step Four - When you have finished your online video session, click or tap the 'Leave Video Session' button.

Step Five - After the session has been completed (recorded) by the mentor, both the student and mentor will have the opportunity to rate and review the session.

If you are having audio issues with your video room here are home handy troubleshooting articles:

If you are having camera issues with your video room, here are some handy troubleshooting articles:

iOS or Android Device

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