Vygo recommends conducting online video sessions via the Vygo web app or on a laptop, PC or tablet device for better video and functionality.

If you are using a Vygo app for online video sessions and your participant/s cannot hear you, you might not have the correct microphone settings set up. Please note on the Vygo app, the video room does not occur in the Vygo app. When you click or tap 'Join Vido Room' a web browser will automatically open.

Audio Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

  1. Ensure your video room microphone is not on mute.

  2. Reload your web browser.

  3. Turn off your Bluetooth. You may be connected to an external device.

  4. Try connecting earphones.

  5. Close the web browser and return to the Vygo app. Click or tap the 'Join Video Session' button again.

  6. Force close the Vygo app - double-tap the home button and swipe the Vygo app closed.

  7. Ensure the video room speaker is set to your phone's default speaker. A step by step guide on how to do this is outlined below.

  8. Ensure that no other applications are using the microphone at the same time.

  9. Restart your phone.

  10. Use the Vygo web app for your online video session - https://web.vygoapp.com

Setting up your speaker and microphone

Step One - Start your online video session by clicking or tapping the 'Start Video Session' button found on your booked session card.

Step Two - The Vygo app will automatically open a web browser 'vygo.daily.co' with your video room. The web browser will ask for access to your microphone and camera, ensure you click or tap 'Allow'.

Step Three - Click or tap the 'More' button located on the bottom right of your video room toolbar.

Step Four - Click or tap 'Camera/microphone settings'

Step Five - In the mic dropdown menu, you may see different options for your microphone setting. Select your phone device (e.g. iPhone or Android)

Step Six - Click or tap 'Play test sound' to test your audio.

Step Seven - Click or tap 'Done'

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