Once a tutor completes their profile, a member of the Vygo team manually reviews and either approves or rejects the application within one business day. 

When approving a tutor profile, we look for the following: 

  • A good photo.

A nice, clear photo of your face. The photo needs to allow the student to recognise you when you meet up. A good quality, vibrant photo also increases your chances of getting bookings.

  • An appropriate bio.

You need to include enough information about your qualifications, hobbies and experience that students feel comfortable booking a session with you. We also check for spelling and grammatical errors, and that your availability makes sense and includes enough information. 

  • High enough grades.

A member of the Vygo team will cross-check whether your grades meet the minimum threshold for tutors at your university. 

Bad tutors are weeded out by bad reviews in which a tutor’s profile will be sent to the bottom of the list or removed altogether. Bad reviews are investigated by the Vygo team and dealt with on a case by case basis. No tutor will simply be removed after a bad rating without being given the opportunity to explain their side of the story. We operate on a “no fault until further investigation” basis. 

We primary reason we review your profile in this level of detail is to help you get more work, as poor quality profiles lead to low or no bookings.

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