The art of writing a good bio is subjective as it varies from platform to platform. The bio you write for Tinder won’t be the same one as the one you write for LinkedIn. So the key takeaway is to consider your audience. Who is reading?

On Vygo, it’s a student who will potentially be using their hard earned cash to pay you to help them understand complex concepts. So perhaps, keep the funnies to a minimum. 

At the same time, student culture is light and fun so there’s no harm in inserting personality in your bio, as long as it’s not at the expense of your qualifications.

With that in mind, here are our top three tips for writing a killer Vygo bio! 

1. Lead with your credentials

Share with our students your degree, major, GPA, scholarships, awards and any relevant work experience. 

2. Be brief

Vygo bios have a character limit of 300 (approximately three to four sentence) so be brief and use your words wisely. Vygo will ask your name, languages spoken, tutoring experience, the class/subject you tutor, grade per class and availability so don’t use what precious space you have listing out details already easily found. 

3. Be yourself

Your mum told you, and now we’re telling you! If you want to attract and retain sessions make sure your bio matches your person. What makes you unique?

If you’re still lacking inspiration, here are the bios of some of our top tutors:

Good luck! 

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