Creating an adequate and detailed plan of attack prior to a session is vital. And because we care about your success, we’ve prepared a simple, easy to follow system that you can use to make the most out of your session.

The definitive plan for your sessions

  1. Review (~2 minutes): It’s crucial to review the topic that was covered during the last session. This will help to prepare the student for the next session.
  2. Plan (~2 minutes): You have to arrange all that’s going to be covered in the session and don’t forget to set clear goals.
  3. Teach: This is where you put the plan in motion and this part will take the most of your session.
  4. Sum up (~2 minutes): Make sure to recap the subjects and concepts that were discussed in the session every time. Ideally, the summary will be compact and straightforward.
  5. Schedule (~2 minutes): Remember to arrange your next session—being consistent is vital.

Now that you have a well-structured approach, you can concentrate on putting it to good use. Having a consistent plan is essential for your business - your students will thank you for being accurate and competent, while your revenue will continue to rise. 

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