When you meet up with your student(s) for a session, you must start the session timer through the Vygo app. The timer is used to calculate the price of the session, and triggers automatic billing to your student(s) when the session is completed.  

How to adequately run a session

Knowing how to effectively manage your sessions is vital for your tutoring business. That’s why we’ve simplified the process for you with these three efficient steps:

  1. Open the scheduled session - You’ll find all your scheduled sessions under the “Sessions” section or on your Dashboard. Go to the desired session and open it.
  2. Start the session timer - Press start when you feel ready to kick off the session and politely ask the student to do the same thing on their end. And when the timer starts counting, the session has officially started. Oh, and don’t stress yourself if your phone’s screensaver turns off - the timer continues to operate regardless.
  3. Finish the session - After you’re done helping your student (or students), hit the “End” button and the session timer will halt.

But what happens after the session ends?

In case you’re wondering what actually happens after a session concludes, we’ve explained it here:

  • The billing process - Your students are going to be billed automatically after the session finishes and you’ll receive your payment within a week.
  • Review and rating - You’d be asked to leave a review and rating of the student or students who attended the session after it ends.

Everything is pretty straightforward to make sure its as easy as possible for you!

And what happens if a session is longer or shorter than planned?

There’s no need to worry about this, since your sessions are always billed to the minute. Yet, just in case your session runs longer or shorter than initially planned, here are some useful tips:

  1. When a session takes longer than planned - Confirm that the student(s) knows how much time has passed and ask them if they’d like to proceed. If you get a confirmation, then simply keep the timer running. This way, you’re guaranteed to be paid for the additional time.
  2. When a session ends earlier than expected - All you have to do is to click “Stop” on the timer and your session will end.

So, now that you’re armed with all the right tools and you know what to do when your session time changes, the only thing that’s left is for you to start tutoring!

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