This feature is currently in BETA and only available to select partner institutions until further notice.

The matching quiz is a set of questions provided by the Program Manager (the person at the university running the program). Mentors and mentees will complete the same quiz, and depending on their answers, mentees will be shown a group of mentors whose answers were similar to theirs. As a mentee, a percentage will appear at the top right corner of the mentor's profile. This number indicates how similar your answers are to theirs.

How to complete the matching quiz:

1️⃣ The ‘Matching’ tab will appear in the program card if it is available. An exclamation mark indicates if you have yet to complete it.

2️⃣ Click ‘Continue’ and answer all the questions.

3️⃣ At the end, you will be given the option to ‘Reset’, and Mentees will be able to see their ‘Matched’ mentors.

Once you have completed the quiz, mentors need to wait for a mentee to reach out.

Mentees will see their matched mentors and click on the mentor’s profiles to further understand the mentor. Once a mentee finds a mentor, they can reach out by sending a message.

You can update your matching quiz at any time by going back into the ‘Matching’ tab on the program card and clicking ‘Continue’. The page will also give you the date you last completed the quiz.

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