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The Mentor Academy FAQs

Common questions and answers

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Is the 'Foundations of Mentoring' course really free?

Yes! We’re giving this out for free because we believe every learner deserves the opportunity to be mentored and to mentor someone else. If you like the course, we’d love it if you could share it with your friends, peers and institution’ leaders

Do I need to be a mentor to sign up to the Foundations of Mentoring course?

No - this course is available for everyone to complete: aspiring mentors, students who want to learn about mentoring, mentors who want to increase their mentoring knowledge and students who want to gain recognition of their mentoring skills through digital badges.

How do I receive my certificate?

Once you have completed the four modules of The Foundations of Mentoring course, the certificate will be automatically created and available in the course training centre.

How do I receive my digital badge?

After completing all modules of The Foundations of Mentoring course, you will be emailed a link to your badge. If you have any questions or issues, drop us a line using the Contact Us form on the website.

Will there be more courses available in The Mentor Academy?

Absolutely - this is the first of many courses to come in the future. If you have ideas on what type of courses would be beneficial to you and our community, please use the form at the end of the course or the Contact Us form on the website to offer suggestions.

I have ideas to improve the course, where do I send them?

We want to continuously improve this course over the next three years, so would love your feedback. To offer suggestions, please use the form at the end of the course or the Contact Us form on the website.

Who do I message if I am having technical difficulties?

If you’ve run into technical trouble while completing the course, be sure to refresh your web browser and turn your device on and off. If the issues still prevail, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] or Contact Us the course website.

Can I share this course with my educational institution?

Yes! We want to see as many learners go through this course as possible, so please share it with your education institution.

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