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What is the Notification Bell?
What is the Notification Bell?

Learn how to operate your notification center.

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Next to the inbox page (the speech bubble icon) in the top-right corner of your account, you’ll notice a new icon in the shape of a bell. This is Vygo’s notification bell: an alert housing all your notifications that link to session requests, session changes, new conversations and new messages. Each notification will have a heading (such as Accepted, Cancelled or Declined Session), the detail (meaning who actioned it) and a timestamp of the day you were sent it.

Clicking on a particular notification will take you directly to its associated action in the Vygo platform. For example, if expanding your notification bell gives you the heading ‘Session Cancelled’, clicking on that notification will take you to the cancelled session card that can otherwise be navigated to by clicking Sessions in the top menu, then Other.

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