2020 has undoubtedly been an interesting year, and we sincerely hope you are coping with the enormous changes afoot. At Vygo, we’ve been reflecting on how we can better users’ experiences with our platform, and as such, have been hard at work behind the scenes. What’s emerged is an updated product with improved navigation and accessibility, plus an abundance of cool new features.

Here’s an update on what’s different at Vygo!


Vygo Web App

Our web app is now at version 5.0. Vygo introduced the world to our web app in January 2020. Since then, our team has been poring over feedback to create the best user experience possible. The Vygo web app is available on any device using a compatible web browser. Here is a helpful article on what web browser works best with our platform.

Updated Vygo Web App URL
The previous Vygo web app URL of web.vygoapp.com is no longer available from Monday, 14th of December, and you will need to use web.vygo.app to access the Vygo web app.

Vygo Mobile App

Vygo warm-heartedly welcomes our fifth major app release 5.0.0.


Creating a new Vygo Account

  • Creating a new Vygo account is now more streamlined than ever and does not require users to select a user type (mentee or mentor).

Mentee and Mentor are now in the same account

  • Users can now be both a mentor and a mentee in the one account, meaning you can offer assistance in areas you are competent in and seek support in areas where you need help.

  • When joining a program for the first time as a mentor, Vygo will prompt you to fill in certain required fields, including an about me, your availability, your languages spoken and a profile photo. Your mentor profile will then go into a pending state while the Technical Support Team reviews the information provided to ensure it meets our requirements.

Find out more about this feature here.


  • Your ‘Programs’ page now shows every program you’ve joined, and you can click for an expanded view of all the programs your institution offers. These can be displayed as either a list or a grid. Find out more about this feature here.

  • Once you click on a program, you’ll gain access to extra information about it.

  • If a program requires approval before you can join it, users will now be automatically approved or will remain pending. The Vygo Student Success team will no longer manually review this functionality. Find out more about this feature here.

  • Program Manager contact information has been added to every program card.

Notification bell

Next to the inbox icon, you’ll notice a notification bell. This alert feature houses all notifications linked to session requests, session changes, new conversations and new messages. To find out more, check out this helpful article.


Availability Status

All users now have platform status availability (Available, Busy and Away) that can be managed under the ‘Account’ page.

Find out more about this feature here.


Your inbox has had a facelift and now allows easier access to previous conversation threads. The page is now represented as a message icon in the Vygo web app.

Language Selection

A more comprehensive range of languages can now be added to your profile.

Contacting Vygo
The messaging feature is no longer available in the bottom right of your web app interface. To contact Vygo, click on your profile picture or navigation, then click or tap 'Chat With Vygo'. On the web app, you can also contact Vygo by clicking the 'Help' hyperlink on the footer of the page. Here is a helpful article on how to contact Vygo.

That concludes the list of fresh products and features we at Vygo have been tickled pink to share with you! If you can't find any of what’s listed above or you need some guidance, please send us a message – we are more than happy to help you navigate our new platform.

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