If you’re interested in enrolling in a particular subprogram, but there are no mentors available (which can happen when an institution offers a large variety of services), you still may be able to find the support you need.

Firstly, we recommend you browse Vygo for a class similar to the one you initially wished to enrol in to see if there are mentors whose skills might transfer over. It may also be worthwhile running an internet search for your course outline, which will have been published online by your institution, because there may be subprograms named after course or subject codes you had not considered.

Next, reach out to the Program Manager and express your concerns – especially if you need immediate support. Their contact details can be accessed on the right side of the program information page by clicking the speech bubble icon. You could also contact your course tutor, lecturer or convenor directly and ask them for assistance, as well as any mentors you have worked with previously – especially if they are in a similar field to you.

Lastly, if you complete your course with grades above distinction, you should consider joining the program as a mentor to provide mentees just like you with support in the future!

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