If you’d like to make modifications to the specifics of your role within a program, click or tap that program from your 'Dashboard' or the 'Programs' page – both of which can be accessed from the top menu.

How to Edit a Program:

As a mentor, you can edit things like the grade you received for a class and your hourly session fee by going into the subprogram tab in the navigation menu and clicking the black notepad and pen icon which are next to each subprogram. Both users – mentors and mentees – can remove subprograms by selecting the red circle-backslash symbol.

How to Leave a Program:

To leave a program entirely, go to settings in the programs navigation tab. Click or tap the red ‘Leave Program’ button. You’ll be prompted with a final check-in asking if you are sure you want to leave – click ‘Cancel’ if you have made a mistake, or ‘Leave’ if you’d like to opt-out.

Note that you can add, edit, remove and rejoin any programs and subprograms provided they are open to all users or, if they have restricted access, you are on the pre-approved approval list.

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