Step by Step Process

  1. From your Dashboard, click the ‘Programs’ page from your Vygo menu.

  2. Navigate to the card of a program you’ve joined, then click the navy button marked ‘Find Support’.

  3. You may need to select a subprogram further, then a grid displaying all the mentors available to assist you in that area will appear.

  4. Underneath their profile pictures, you’ll notice tags indicating how to pay for a session with them.

  5. Hourly session fees will be represented with a dollar value; session credit fees will be tagged ‘1 Credit’ and, if a session is available for free, there will be no dollar or credit values present.

  6. Click into the profile of the mentor of your choice, and you will see the rates for all the session types they offer – some sessions can be paid for with your card at an hourly session fee, others can be paid for using session credits, and untagged programs are therefore free.

Note that when you go to book a session that is charged out at an hourly fee, the total price that appears down the bottom once you enter the amount of time you need is just an estimation. You will not be charged until your session is over and mentor has marked it as complete using the Vygo platform. This is to prevent users like yourself from getting over or undercharged, as the actual time your session takes may differ from the requested session time.

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