Some institutions have enabled session credits as a means of paying for mentoring, and each semester or trimester, mentees will be allocated a certain number to use. If you’re a mentee at a compatible institution, click the profile picture icon in the top right of the screen, and a menu notifying you of how many session credits you have will dropdown. In the image below, the mentee has two session credits available.

Step by Step Process

  1. To pay for a session with credits, firstly, you need to join a program that supports this payment method. Do so from the Programs page, which can be accessed via the top menu.

  2. Next, from the program card, click ‘Find Support’. You may need to select a subprogram further, then a grid displaying what mentors are available will appear. Those who accept payment using session credits will have a tag underneath their bio that says ‘1 Credit’.

  3. Select your mentor of choice and open up their profile. Under the heading ‘I Can Help You With’, the programs and subprograms they can assist with will be listed, along with their fees. Hourly session fees will be represented with a dollar value; session credit fees will be tagged ‘1 Credit’ and, if a session is available for free, there will be no dollar or credit values present.

Note that when you are paying for a mentoring session with credits, you can only book for one hour at a time (remembering that one session credit is equal to one 60-minute session). If you require a longer session, you need to make consecutive bookings.

Before booking, we recommend sending the mentor a message to double-check their availability and skillset. Once you are sure they can meet your needs, click ‘Request a Session’. A window will pop up prompting you to fill in the details of the proposed session – including date, time, location and duration – and underneath, you’ll be notified about how many session credits you have used this semester or trimester, and how many you have remaining.

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