Certain institutions require their mentors to determine their own hourly session fees. If you are attending an institution that offers an open-market mentoring program (for example, class-specific tutoring), this will most likely be the case - if you are unsure of your fee status, check-in with your program manager.

Hourly session fees are a personal choice and can be changed after you have made an initial selection – though we recommended that, as a mentor, your fees remain consistent for a length of time to promote reliability. However, if you feel like your skills have developed considerably since you last set your price, you can change your hourly session fee to reflect this.

The minimum hourly session fee that can be set is $20 per hour, and the maximum is $60 per hour. The average hourly session fee on the platform is $25 per hour. We suggest that when you’re first starting, you set your wage at $0 an hour while you build your experience supporting others. Once your skills and confidence are at a more intermediate level, and it’s no longer your first rodeo helping someone with a particular subject or issue, bump your price of up $20 per hour. When you’re an expert and feel extremely confident in your subject knowledge and ability to help others, elevate it again to $30 an hour.

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