Mentors can get paid for a mentoring session if their partner institution and the program they have enrolled in supports payment. The amount paid will be a fixed hourly wage, set either by the institution or the mentor themselves.

Payment Process

After marking a session as complete in the Vygo platform, a mentor will be paid within three business days through Vygo’s easy-to-use and highly secure payment platform, Stripe. If you’re a mentor and you’d like to know more about how to complete a session online in order to get paid, read this useful article called ‘How To Complete Your Session’.

Automatic Versus Manual Payment Process

If the total cost of a particular session differs by more than $5 from the estimate provided when it was originally booked, it will not be automatically paid for and will instead be sent to the Vygo Technical Support Team to review and verify it. This process is to ensure that mentors and mentees do not get underpaid or overcharged. Once both parties have confirmed the duration of the session in question, payment will be released, meaning the mentee will be charged and the mentor will be paid.

To make sure no issues arise with your payout, keep your bank account details up to date. If you need to update or check the details you have provided us with, click or tap the profile picture icon in the top right of the screen and navigate to Account. From there, hit ‘Payout Details’ and follow the prompts.

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