If you have an outstanding session payment linked to a card that no longer exists, reach out to our friendly Technical Support Team and let them know your situation. We’ll suspend the payment until your new bank card arrives. Please note, though, that our team can only suspend your payment for 10 business days. If the duration exceeds this, we’ll have to get in touch with your institution, who will then contact you via phone.

Once your new bank card arrives, you will need to add it to the Vygo platform. To do so:

  • Click the profile picture icon in the top right of your screen, and from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • Click ‘Account’.

  • From there, navigate to ‘Payment Details’ and click ‘Add New Card’.

  • Please enter the name on your bank card, its number, the expiry date and the CVV/CVC number (the three digits on the back of your card).

When you have updated your card, reach out to Vygo’s Student Success team using the live chat, and we’ll help you make the outstanding payment.

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