If you’re a mentee whose session charge has failed, there could be one of several reasons why:

  • Your credit card has expired;

  • Your bank account had insufficient funds;

  • Your transaction had a high risk of fraud; or

  • The bank rejected it for other reasons, such as card restrictions.

When payment for a session fails, Vygo’s Technical Support Team will attempt to charge your card three times over three consecutive business days. If our attempts to charge you fail for the third time, our team will pass this information onto your institution, and we will be in contact with you via phone.

It is important to ensure you have enough funds in your linked bank account. Remember, you do not have to pay for a session until it is over and your mentor has marked it as complete in the Vygo platform. If you do have sufficient funds in your account, but payment is still not going through, we suggest contacting your issuing bank to authorise the charge – potentially there may be an issue at their end.

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