Depending on your institution, mentoring sessions will either be:

  • Free

  • Paid for by the mentee

  • Paid for by your institution using a credit system.

Note that there will never be an instance where cash will change hands, as all payment is run through the Vygo platform. This means mentors should never accept money from a mentee, even when they are the ones paying for the service, as Vygo automatically processes the payment.

At institutions where a session credits system has been set up, mentees will be provided with a certain quota to use each semester or trimester. One session credit is equal to one 60-minute session, so if your university allocates you two-session credits to use per semester, this will give you access to two hours of mentoring.

There are a few rules around session credits that you should be aware of.

  1. Mentors at institutions with a session credit program will be paid a fixed hourly wage (such as $30 per hour). This amount is not determined by Vygo, but by the partner institution.

  2. The quota of session credits allocated to mentees will refresh each semester or trimester, but any unused session credits will not roll over.

  3. If you are a mentee who has used all of your session credits and you would like some more, contact your program manager. To do so, navigate to the Programs page from the top menu in Vygo, go into a program card and click or tap the speech bubble icon in the top right of the page. Your program manager’s contact details will then appear.

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