Though your account with Vygo is not user-specific, the way you join each program is. This means you can act as a mentor in areas you feel confident offering support in and act as a mentee in areas where you are the one who needs help.

After you have successfully created an account with Vygo, your next step is to start joining any relevant programs. From your Dashboard or the Programs page, which can be accessed using the top menu, browse what is on offer. Click ‘Find More Programs’ to expand the list further.

Once you’ve found a program that you’re interested in joining, click ‘View Program’ to see more information about it. You’ll be taken to a page known as a program card, where you can click ‘Join Program’. Then, you’ll be prompted to choose your user type based on whether you need support (mentee) or want to offer it (mentor). After making a selection, click continue and confirm your enrolment.

If you make a mistake, change your mind or want to switch user roles for any reason, you need to leave the program and then rejoin it. To do so, from the program card, hit the red exit button marked ‘Leave Program’. A pop-up window will appear double-checking your desire to remove yourself from the program. Confirm your decision, then you may rejoin the same program again as a different user.

How to Become a Mentor

How to Become a Mentee

Note that some programs are restricted and may require you to be pre-approved as a member before you can join. For more information on this, read this helpful article.

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