Mentor Profile:

Although both parties rate a mentoring session out of five stars, only mentees write session reviews. Reviews should be unbiased, containing relevant information that indicates how the session went.

Once a mentor has marked a session as complete in the Vygo app, a pop-up window will appear on the mentee’s screen asking them to complete a session review. Reviews – including group session reviews – appear publically on a mentor’s profile unless their Program Manager has disabled the feature. Note that not all of our partner institutions make leaving a review mandatory.

If you are unhappy with a session review that you have received, please reach out to Vygo’s Technical Support Team using our in-app support chat.

Mentee Profile:

At the end of a session, mentors have the option of leaving a comment about their experience with their mentee. Though this comment does not appear on the mentee’s profile, it is reported to the Program Manager and stored in Vygo’s database.

In order to build a platform of trust, we need to ensure that all reviews and comments on Vygo are useful, informative and constructive. Most importantly, we do not wish to expose any members of our community to harm. In pursuit of this goal, Vygo’s Technical Support Team manually verifies all reviews to ensure quality assurance and control. If there are any issues with a session review, the Vygo Technical Support Team will reach out to the mentee who wrote it.

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