How Do I Accept A Session Request?

Learn how to accept your session request

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You’ll be notified via email and on the Vygo platform when a mentee requests to book a session with you. The request will also appear on your 'Dashboard' and on the 'Sessions' page – both of which can be navigated to using the top menu.

To accept a session request follow these steps:

STEP 1. Go to ‘Sessions’ and make sure ‘Pending’ is selected from the dropdown menu.

STEP 2. Click the relevant session card, and the details for that session will appear. If they are all correct, and the time, date and location requested suits you, click ‘Accept’. The accepted session request will now be housed in the 'Sessions' page 'Booked'.

STEP 3. If you are unable to make the scheduled session but are happy to offer the mentee assistance at another time or on another day, then reschedule the session.

STEP 4. Only decline a session if the location requested is incorrect, or you no longer have the capacity to offer assistance.

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