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When And How Do I Decline A Session Request?
When And How Do I Decline A Session Request?

Step by step guide on how to decline a sesison request

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Do you still want to assist the mentee but can't make the session date or time? If you’re happy to assist a particular mentee, but cannot take the time or date they have requested to book a session, you can reschedule it. To find out more about rescheduling a session, read this helpful article.

If you do not have the capacity to accept a mentee’s session request – even at a different time or date to the one requested – you can decline the session.

STEP 1. To do so, using the top menu to navigate, go to the 'Sessions' page.

STEP 2. From there, select ‘Pending’ from the dropdown menu and click the session you wish to decline.

STEP 3. A screen will pop up that features your session details on the left-hand side and your messages on the right.

STEP 4. Make sure you message the mentee and explain why you are declining the session – don’t just leave them in the dark!

STEP 5. Next, click the ‘Decline Session’ button on the left side of the screen and follow the prompts.

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