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A Mentor is Not Replying to Me; What Do I Do?
A Mentor is Not Replying to Me; What Do I Do?

Learn what to do if a mentor hasn't responded to you

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If you’ve reached out to a mentor whose status is listed as available and you’ve not received a reply, ensure that your initial message contained enough information for them to be able to properly respond. For instance, you should have told them what you wish to cover in the session and enquired as to a suitable date, time and location.

You can reach out to more than one mentor at a time to check their availability and see if they are a good fit before making a decision about whom to book a session with, so if one mentor is not replying, try messaging someone else. If there are no mentors within your field, consider reaching out to mentors in similar programs or subprograms for assistance.

If you have messaged a bunch of mentors and not heard back from any of them within one business day, please reach out to Vygo’s helpful Technical Support Team via the support chat. On our web app, this is the navy speech bubble located in the bottom right corner of the page; if you’re using our mobile app, from the menu, open up your inbox and tap ‘Chat with Vygo’.

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