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How Do I Contact a Mentee?
How Do I Contact a Mentee?

Learn about contacting a mentee

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At Vygo, we don’t allow mentors to initiate contact with mentees. This is to ensure the safety and security of all our users. Instead, mentees start conversations with the mentors they wish to engage.

We encourage mentees to send a message before putting in a session request so that they can discuss session times, dates and locations with their mentor beforehand. If a mentee sends you a message, it will appear in your inbox, which can be accessed from the menu.

Sometimes, a mentee will request a session without first sending a message. To check if you have any session requests pending, click the ‘Sessions’ tab in the menu. From there, you can browse all your sessions: pending, booked, completed and other.

To contact a mentee who has initiated a session with you, click the relevant session card and you will be able to message them.

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