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How Do I Contact a Mentor?
How Do I Contact a Mentor?

Need to contact a mentor, learn how here

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To contact a mentor, you first need to locate their profile. To do so, From the ‘Programs’ page –which is accessed using the menu – choose the program you’re interested in joining. A list of all the mentors enrolled in that program will then appear for you to browse through.

1️⃣ Once you’ve chosen the person you wish to contact, click through to their profile. From underneath their profile picture, hit ‘Send Message’.

2️⃣ A pop-up will appear, giving you the option to write your own message or use a pre-written message.

Once you have sent a message, this conversation will automatically then be available from your inbox. When you have arranged a session time, date and location (online or on-campus) with your mentor, send them an official ‘Session Request’. This button is also located on their profile, right underneath their profile picture.

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