This feature is currently in BETA, and only available to select partner institutions until further notice.

What is a Group Session?

Sometimes, mentees with similar interests may wish to form a group and seek support from a mentor as a collective. Other times, a mentor may already have an existing group they wish to address, such as a university tutorial class they are offering extra scaffolding to after-hours in the form of an open forum.

This is where Vygo’s Group Sessions feature comes in. Group Sessions allow mentors to create and host sessions with multiple mentees at one time for a given program or sub-program.

As a mentor, it is important to note that when creating an online video Group Session, there are two broadcasting options:

1. Only the host can broadcast audio, video and screen share.
2. All participants can broadcast audio, video and screen share.

Usually, the size of your group and the nature of the content being delivered will determine how interactive you want the session to be. For online video Group Sessions, the maximum guest capacity is 200 people: 199 mentees, and one mentor acting as the host.

Once a Group Session has been submitted, all mentees within that program or sub-program will receive a notification of an invitation and will be presented with the option to click ‘Attend’ or otherwise.

The Group Session will then be conducted at the scheduled date and time, either on-campus or online. If the session is online, all attendees will need to click the ‘Join the Video’ button on the Group Session card.

Upon completion of the Group Session, all attendees have the opportunity to rate the mentor out of five stars and leave a written review. Ratings and reviews will be accepted depending on the partner institution’s terms and conditions and will be displayed on the mentor’s profile.

Who can host a Group Session?

If your institution has partnered with Vygo, to be able to set up Group Sessions, your Partner Program Manager needs to seek permission to do so from Vygo. If deemed appropriate, Vygo will then turn on the Group Session functionality.

From there, as a mentor, Vygo’s Technical Support Team will enable Group Sessions functionality on your account. Following this, the ‘Group Session’ page will appear on your profile.

You will then need to request to join the program or subprogram that will be offering the group sessions.

Where is the Group Session page located?

  • As a web app user, this is located in the top right-hand corner in the navigation bar next to the ‘Sessions’ page.

  • If you’re using Vygo’s mobile app, click or tap ‘Sessions’ and select ‘Group Sessions’ on the top right corner of the page.

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