It is important to note that only a mentee can book a session on the Vygo platform - this functionality is not availably for mentors.

Before booking a session, it is best to have a conversation with your mentor using Vygo’s in-app chat feature to confirm some details. We recommend you double check their availability (date and time), work out where the session will be located (online or in-person somewhere) and discuss the content you’d like to cover.

Step one - Click or tap on the 'Program' you require a session.

Step Two - Click or tap the mentor 'profile' you would like a session with.

Step Three - Ensure you 'Send a Message' to the mentor before requesting a session.

Step Four - Once you have organised a session date and time via message, it's now time to book your session. Click or tap 'Request Session'.

Step Five - Using the drop down menu's, add all the session details, ensuring the session date and time are in the future.

  • Your Program ( Select the program you need help with)
  • Your Location (Select the location you require - e.g. online, on-campus)
  • Your Session Date (Ensure the selected date is in the future)
  • Your Session Time (Ensure the selected time is in the future)
  • Your Select Duration (Select the session duration - it is better to overestimate your time. The session time can be altered by the mentor when they complete the session )

Step Six - Double check your session details then click or tap 'Request Session'.

Step Seven - If you receive a confirmation message from Vygo, your session request was successfully sent to the mentor.

Note: The mentor has 12 hours to accept your request between the hours of 6am and 10pm. If no action is taken by your mentor within the designated timeslot, your request will expire and the booking will automatically decline.

Step Eight- The pending session request will be available on your 'Dashboard' or under the 'Sessions page > Pending'.

Step Nine - The mentor will 'Accept' 'Decline' or 'Accept and Reschedule' your session request.

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