Do you have a booked session and need to reschedule it? Once a session has been accepted and booked in, it’s still possible to reschedule it for another date or time if either party needs to. This is a handy, time-saving feature that you can use instead of cancelling and requesting a new session.

Note: Both mentors and mentees have the ability to make these changes. This functionality will only be available after you have 'accepted' a session.

Step by step guide on how to reschedule your booked session

STEP 1. To reschedule a session, go to the ‘Sessions’ page, which you can access using the top menu.

STEP 2. From the dropdown menu that then appears, select ‘Booked’.

STEP 3. Click or tap the session you would like to reschedule, and the details of that session will appear.

STEP 4. Message the other party to let them know why and how you are making changes to the previously agreed-upon plan.

STEP 5. Click the ‘Reschedule Session’ button.

STEP 6. Select the new date, time and duration you would like, then tap 'Submit Reschedule'.

STEP 7. The other party will then receive a new pending session request and will need to accept it in order to confirm everything.

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