Messaging on the Vygo platform starts when a student sends the first message or requests a session. The message will then appear in your inbox. You must be logged in to your Vygo account to read, send or delete messages.

To read or send a message

Step One - If it is your first time messaging a mentor or staff member, click or tap their profile, then click or tap 'Send Message'

Step Two - If you have messaged the mentor or staff member before, click or tap 'Inbox' and find the message thread to read existing messages or send a new one.

To remove a message from your inbox

Step One - Go to your Inbox

Step Two - Click or tap on the message thread to open the conversation

Step Three - Click or tap the three dots next to the message you would like to remove

Step Four - Click or tap remove message then

Step Five - Click or tap Confirm to removing the message

Step Six - The message is now removed from the message thread.

More details

If someone sends you a message on the Vygo platform that makes you uncomfortable or breaches Vygo Terms and Conditions, you can report the message to Vygo. Please read this article for more information.

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