While some of you may have been enjoying your break, our Vygo team has been working tirelessly on releasing some new products and features to make your Vygo experience an unforgettable one. Here is an update on Vygo's new products and features:


Vygo Web App 

Drum roll...Our team has taken on every bit of user feedback and developed our very own web app. The web app operates the same way as our mobile app and lets you use your Vygo program, on any device, whenever you want. Who doesn't love seeing Vygo on the big screen? Access the web app here: web.vygoapp.com

Vygo Mobile App
Vygo warm-heartedly welcomes our fourth major app release 4.0.0. 


Complete Session 

Gone are the days of having to press the start and stop button to track your session duration. Welcome our new feature, Complete Session.  Similar to our old session tracking feature, this feature is only available to mentors/tutors. On completion of a session, the mentor/tutor will record the duration by pressing the Complete Session button. This feature has also alleviated other issues, including giving users the ability to contact their students/mentors during scheduled session times.

For more information on this feature, delve into the following: 

Video Sessions

Have you ever been interstate and urgently needed a video session?  With this new feature, you can host a session, whenever, wherever. This video feature will also take the stress out of finding a campus car park or a booking a quiet library pod. 

If you want to know more about this fantastic feature, follow these links: 

Availability Status 

Here at Vygo, we understand that mentors/tutors will not be available all day, every day. Let us introduce the Vygo availability status. Not only does this feature allow mentors/tutors to take some well deserved time away from the Vygo app, but it also enables students to know when their mentor/tutor is away. Students will be able to reach out to available mentors/tutors and receive the support they need when they need it.

If this feature makes you as excited as us, learn more here: 


We have made a small change in the Vygo app terminology. The "Services" tab that houses all of your enrolled classes and categories is now called "Programs." 

Now that concludes our exciting list of new products and features. If you can't find any of the above features or need some guidance, please us a message, and we are more than happy to help!

Thanks for the ongoing support,
The Team @ Vygo

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