Have you supported a few students, and you now feel confident and comfortable with your subject content? You are doing great! Feel free to select an hourly fee that best reflects you, remembering that students LOVE this service because together, we can provide the most affordable and effective mentor/tutor services. 

This option only available to institution's that have paid mentoring/tutoring sessions.

To adjust your hourly fee, follow these steps: 

1️⃣ Click or tap 'Programs' page

2️⃣ Select the program your category (subject) is located under

3️⃣ Select the category (subject) you need to update

4️⃣ Click or tap 'Update'

5️⃣ Use the slider to select your new hourly fee.

6️⃣ Click or tap 'Update'

Note 1: Before you change your hourly fee, it is essential to read over Vygo's Suggested Pricing Guide before to ensure your hourly fee reflects your skill level and other Vygo mentors/tutors price. 

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