Have you decided to give back to your peers and jump on the mentoring/tutoring bandwagon? We are excited to have you here! Outlined below is Vygo's suggested pricing guide. Please note this guide is a suggested pricing model and feel free to select an hourly fee that best reflects you! Once you have gained further experience, you can modify your hourly fee by Programs > Select the Category > alter your fee.

$0 per hour 

Build your experience while supporting others.

This rate is best for a beginner or someone who wants to give back to their peers, no costs attached. Supporting students is an excellent way to build your employability skills and professional portfolio!

$20 per hour

This isn't your first rodeo helping others in this subject. 

This rate is best for an intermediate mentor/tutor who has helped students with this subject in the past. You feel comfortable with your content and know you can improve students peer learning journeys. 

$30 per hour 

You're extremely confident in your subject knowledge and ability to help others. 

This rate is best for an advanced mentor/tutor who has helped several students in the past, knows the subject content like the back of their hand and will no doubt provide stellar support. 

NOTE: This option only available to institution's that have paid tutoring/mentoring sessions.

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