Have you completed your session and need to record your session duration? Mentors are responsible for formally marking a session as complete on the Vygo platform and this functionality is unavailable to mentees. If a mentor fails to do so, that session will remain in our system as incomplete.

Online Session

Once you leave an online session, you will be prompted to complete it. To do so, fill in how long the session went for and give it a rating out of five stars. You will be asked to add comments – though written feedback is an option.

In-Person Session

If the session was conducted in person, you won’t automatically be prompted to complete the session, so will need to do so manually. To ensure there is no confusion surrounding the length of the session, record it or consider setting a timer to help you track its progress.

How to Complete the Session

1️⃣ When it is complete, from the Vygo platform, navigate to the 'Sessions' page using the top menu.

2️⃣ Find the relevant session card in the ‘Booked’ tab using the dropdown menu.

3️⃣. Click or tap ‘Complete Session’. Using the hours and minutes slider, add your session duration, then select ‘Continue’.

4️⃣. Next, the Vygo platform will prompt you to rate the session out of five stars. Click or tap a star value, then hit ‘Continue’ again.

Note that any sessions rated less than four stars will be investigated by Vygo’s Technical Support Team for quality control purposes. You may also add any comments if relevant, but this is entirely optional.

5️⃣ When you’re finished, click ‘Complete Session’. That session has now been formally marked as complete and will be available under the ‘Completed’ tab of the Sessions page. Your mentee will receive a notification alerting them that the session has been completed, and will then be prompted to leave a session rating and review of their own.

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