What does it take to be a five-star Vygo tutor? Here are our team’s top 10 tips on how to be a first-rate tutor and get more bookings. 

1. Have a good profile

High quality profiles get more bookings. What makes a good profile you ask? See the pro tips below:

  • A clear, good quality photo that shows your face
  • A personable and well-written bio
  • Multiple availability options
  • Multiple classes you can tutor

2. Reply quickly

Often students that use Vygo are stressed and need feedback straight away. The sooner you can reply to a student’s enquiry the more likely they are to give you a high rating. 

3. Gauge what they need help with

Before you meet up, ask the student exactly what they want to learn. Do they need help with an assignment, exam or general concept? You can also ask to see a task sheet or relevant chapter beforehand, which can be sent as a photo through Vygo’s in-app messenger.

4. Prepare for a session

Don’t waste the student’s time by reacquainting yourself with the subject during their session. Brush up on the class content before attending the session. 

5. Find a location the student feels comfortable with

Not everyone feels comfortable learning in a cafe or being alone with a stranger in a private room. Ask the student where they want to learn and book the space in advance if you can. 

6. Get there early

Find a table if you’re meeting at a cafe or prepare the meeting room space. Then tell the student where you are and what you’re wearing, so it’s easy to find each other the first time. 

7. Remember to start and end the session in the app

Both you and the student will need to click “Start session” in your own phones for Vygo to record the session and charge the student appropriately. Don’t forget to hit “End session” once complete. 

8. Listen, don’t just talk

Have a conversation with your student and guide them along the journey. Often students are lacking confidence and simply need someone to confirm their knowledge. 

9. Recap the session

At the end of the session, recap what you’ve gone through with your student and ask if they need another session. Which leads us to: 

10. Follow up after the session, but don’t be greasy

If your student didn’t book another session on the spot (via the app!), you can increase your chances of booking another by following up the day after. Don’t be pushy or awkward about it, just recap what you learned and let them know you’re around if they need more help. Here’s an example message you can try: 

“Hey Ash! I hope the session went well today. I just want to recap we went through these five things: X. If you need anymore help with them, I’m more than happy to go through that and, as you said in the session,  topics X, Y & Z. Would you like to book in another and/or recurring Tuesday session?” 

Or if you know your student has an assignment or exam coming up, wish them luck or follow up with them afterwards to see how it went. 

That’s it! Happy tutoring. 

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