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Vygo Mentor Profile Requirements and Process
Vygo Mentor Profile Requirements and Process

Learn what is required to to become a mentor profile on the Vygo platform.

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When you join a program as a mentor for the first time, you will need to complete all the mandatory profile fields including - About Me, Availability, Languages and Profile Picture.

There is a minimum standard that must be adhered to for mentor profiles, which is outlined below.

Mentor Profile Requirements

1 - Good Profile Picture

A nice, clear photo of your face. The photo needs to allow the mentee to recognise you when you meet up in person or online. A good quality, vibrant photo also increases your chances of getting bookings.

2 - Appropriate 'About Me'

You need to include enough information about your qualifications, hobbies and experience that mentees feel comfortable booking a session with you. We also check for spelling and grammatical errors. Some institutions require certain details in your about me - if so, it is important to understand what these are by contacting your Program Manager.

3 - Informative Availability

Your availability needs to include enough written information to assist your mentees when requesting sessions with you.

For example:

Monday 3 - 7 pm

Tuesday - N/A

Wednesday - Friday 5 pm - 8 pm

Saturday and Sunday - Appointments via Message.

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