When you join a program as a mentor for the first time, you will need to complete all the mandatory profile fields including - About Me, Availability, Languages and Profile Picture.

Mentor Profile Approval Process

After you have completed all the required fields and click or tap 'Join program', your mentor profile will go into a pending state. You will note that a blue banner with the title ' Your profile is pending approval' will occupy the top of your Vygo platform. The Vygo Student Success team manually review every mentor profile and will either approve your application or defer your profile for amendments within one business day. 

If you have not adjusted your required profile amendments within seven days from notice, our Vygo Technical Support Team will decline your mentor profile. If this does occur, you can always correct the issues, send the Vygo Technical Support Team a message using the live support chat function, and we will reassess your mentor profile.

Mentor Profile Requirements

1 - Good Profile Picture

A nice, clear photo of your face. The photo needs to allow the mentee to recognise you when you meet up in person or online. A good quality, vibrant photo also increases your chances of getting bookings.

2 - Appropriate 'About Me'

You need to include enough information about your qualifications, hobbies and experience that mentees feel comfortable booking a session with you. We also check for spelling and grammatical errors. Some institutions require certain details in your about me - if so, it is important to understand what these are by contacting your Program Manager.

3 - Informative Availability

Your availability needs to include enough written information to assist your mentees when requesting sessions with you.

For example:

Monday 3 - 7 pm

Tuesday - N/A

Wednesday - Friday 5 pm - 8 pm

Saturday and Sunday - Appointments via Message.

4 - Does your class grade meet your institution requirement?

Some institutions require you to achieve a minimum grade to be a mentor in some programs e.g. Class-Specific Tutoring. If the Vygo platform does not ask for the grade you achieved, this field does not apply to you.

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