Finding a tutor who has aced your exact class can be a Godsend in your hour of need. A 30-minute session with a Vygo tutor can cost as little as $12.50 for half an hour and save you tears and a $1,000 wasted course fee.

Enter Michael D.

Michael studied Nursing at QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus and has three to five year’s tutoring experience. He is a five-star tutor available in person both on campus and online via Skype.

He tutors an amazing 35 classes, including: CSB601, JSB286, LQB185, LQB285, LSB111, NSB010, NSB016, NSB102, NSB103, NSB104, NSB105, NSB131, NSB132, NSB202, NSB203, NSB204, NSB231, NSB232, NSB233, NSB236, NSB303, NSB305, NSB334, NSB335, NSB412, NSB600, NSB602, NSB603, NSB604, NSB606, NSB608, CSB601, LSB111, NSB231 and NSB305. 

Enter Kashun K.  

Kasun is a sessional academic specialising in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at QUT with three to five years of tutoring experience. He is a five-star tutor available in person both on and off campus as well as online via Skype.

He tutors 26 classes, including: CAB320, EGB100, EGB111, EGB113, EGB120, EGB121, EGB123, EGB211, EGB211, EGB240, EGB242, EGB243, EGB339, EGB345, EGB346, EGB348, EGB349, EGB439, EGH404, EGH445, EGH445, EGH450, MZB101, MZB102, MZB125 and MZB126.

Enter Alex K.

Alex is a second-year Information Technology student at QUT’s Garden Point campus with one to three years of tutoring experience. She is a five-star tutor available in person on campus and specialises in Discrete Structures (CAB203) and Building IT Systems (IFB104).

Vygo tutors are relevant, personable and affordable. It’s a no brainer!

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