Before writing an assignment, especially your first, it’s important to familiarise yourself with your university’s assignment guidelines. 

This may include everything from the type of assignment (each unique in its purpose, audience, tone and structure) to submission procedures, the information required on your cover letter, line spacing, margin, page numbers, font style, size and so on. 

Below is a synopsis and shortcut to the resources offered by Vygo universities on assignment writing.

Griffith University, Queensland

Griffith provide assignment preparation resources that will help you analyse a task or question, access their library databases, find information easily online and evaluate the authority of your sources.

They also offer assignment writing resources that breakdown the structure of an assignment as well as pointers on how to write literature reviews, reports and reflective writing. Or perhaps you’ve been assigned a group project, in which case they’ve provided a survival guide

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Queensland

QUT’s Study Smart website gives advice on assignment layout, including what to include on your cover sheet, line spacing, margin, page numbers and font size; in addition to providing design principles when creating a PowerPoint or poster. 

The University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland

UQ has a useful table that outlines some of the different types, structures and features their academic staff may expect from you. They also advise confirming the assignment expectations with your lecturer or class tutor. 

They also help you breakdown an assignment into a series of steps or manageable sub-tasks. Lastly, they provide this short resource of how best to manage your time. According to UQ, you can expect to spend “roughly 15 to 20 hours on a 1000 to 2000 word assignment”. 

Monash University, Victoria

Monash provides information on key assignment types as well as samples from each major discipline. Each discipline e.g. Business and Economics then has a tutorial for each assignment type e.g. an oral presentation.

For more information about your university assignment guidelines, talk to your lecturer, class tutor or contact your local student support services. 

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