How to Deliver an Engaging Online Event

These tips can help you plan and facilitate an engaging virtual session by setting clear objectives, choosing the right platform, preparing materials and activities and encouraging participation.

  1. Set clear objectives and themes: Start by defining objectives and themes for the session and communicating them to the participants. This will help everyone understand the purpose of the session and what they can expect to gain from it.

  2. Choose the right platform: Select a platform that is easy to use, reliable, and offers features that support engagement, such as chat, breakout rooms, and polling.

  3. Prepare materials and activities: Plan interactive activities relevant to the session's objectives, and prepare materials such as presentations, handouts, or videos that support the activities.

  4. Start with an icebreaker: Use an icebreaker activity to set a positive and engaging tone for the session. This will help participants get to know each other and feel comfortable contributing.

  5. Use visuals and multimedia: Use visuals such as slides, images, and videos to break up the monotony of the session and keep participants engaged.

  6. Encourage participation: Encourage participants to contribute by asking questions, facilitating discussion, and using breakout rooms for small group activities.

  7. Keep content to a minimum: An engagement session is when your participants have delivered most of the discussion. Think about the seven-minute content rule: Seven minutes of content, then break it up with an engaging activity.

  8. Practice time management: Ensure that the session stays on track and the objectives are met. Plan out your workshop agenda and ensure you have allocated enough time for each topic. Avoid rushing through content or overloading participants with too much information.

  9. End with a call to action: Summarise the key takeaways, thanking the participants for participating. Encourage participants to continue learning and connecting with each other on the Vygo platform.