How do I search for a mentor?

Once you’ve joined a program as a member, you can start to search for someone to be your mentor.

In some programs, you will be automatically prompted with suggested mentor as you join. If this is the case, simply follow the prompts to start a conversation with this mentor.

Otherwise, from that program’s ‘Overview’ tab – which can be accessed under the ‘Your Programs’ header either through your dashboard or via the ‘Programs’ link in the top right menu – you may see that you’ve already been recommended mentors.

This will likely be the case if that particular program asks its members a series of questions when they join.

For example, you might have three prospective mentors listed under the ‘Recommended Mentors’ heading. Beneath each person’s name, it will say the number of things you have in common. Click that text and a box will appear informing you of why you are a good match.

Perhaps you have answered questions similarly, or share interests, or you are looking for help in an area that they have experience in. If you see someone you would like to contact, you can view their profile by clicking ‘View Profile’ or hit the ‘Message’ button to reach out and chat.

If you don’t see any recommended mentors, or you would like to browse all available mentors, you can either click the ‘Mentors’ tab or tap the grey ‘Browse all mentors’ button towards the right of your screen.

A series of mentor profiles will appear. Some programs will allow you to filter those mentors by topics such as subject area using a top right drop-down menu, whereas others will not. You can also search for a mentor by typing their name directly into the search bar.

Once you find someone you feel will be a good match, view their profile by clicking ‘View Profile’ or send them a message using the ‘Message’ button.

Note: Mentors could be Buddies,Supporters,Tutors or anyone who is offering support to students in their academic journey!