How do Timezones Affect Your Vygo Profile?

Though it might be four in the afternoon where you are, the Vygo user you’re scheduled to video call in an hour might be operating in a different timezone – especially during daylight savings.

The time shown on your Vygo dashboard is relative to your location. If you’re a mentee booking a session with a mentor, ask them where they live and what their timezone is to ensure their availability lines up properly with yours.

If your timezones are the same, then everything will be easy; if they differ, establish a session that works for both timezones.

As a mentee, you’ll then need to book the session in for your own time using the Vygo platform.

The scheduled session will automatically convert to the mentor's timezone on their own Vygo platform.

Here is a great website to convert your timezones if you’re having trouble doing it manually: Time Zone Calculator.

Example of Timezones and Session Bookings

A mentee lives in Mauritius and has arranged to book a 9:00am session on Friday 24 April.

The timezone of Mauritius is UTC +4. Her mentor lives in Perth, which has a timezone of UTC +8. There is a four-hour time difference between the two Vygo users.

On the mentee’s Vygo platform, she will book a session for 9:00am Mauritian time. This session will appear on her mentor in Perth’s platform as 1:00 pm due to the difference in timezone.