Can I Use Vygo if My University/Institution Is Not Available?

If your university or institution does not appear in our drop-down menu when you initially go to sign up, unfortunately, the short answer is no – you cannot use Vygo. Only users who attend an institution Vygo has partnered with are able to utilise our support services.

In keeping with this feature, the majority of our institutions actually lock their Vygo registrations down to institution email addresses (such as [email protected]), so it is an impossible restriction to bypass.

However, at Vygo, we are constantly expanding our reach around Australia and, in fact, the world as part of our mission to seek and give help accessible to all, ensuring that no student falls through the cracks of institutional support.

If your institution is not on our registration list, please send the Vygo Support Team a message via the 'Need Help?' chat function.

Let us know what institution you belong to and why you think the platform would be beneficial to you and your peers, and we will do our best to initiate a relationship.