Who can be a mentor on the Vygo platform?

A mentor is anyone who wishes to offer help or support to others.

Perhaps you’re savvy in an academic area such as law or mathematics, or maybe you’re well-equipped to offer personal or social support, like English conversation skills or counselling.

Some of our partner institutions require mentors to be pre-approved for their programs before they can sign up to offer assistance. To find the approval information for a particular program, go to its program card, which can be accessed via the Programs page in the top menu.

If the program you wish to join requires pre-approval, your request to enrol will update to ‘Pending Approval’.

For more information about the processes in place regarding approval, contact the Program Manager using the details that pop up when you hit the speech bubble icon to the right of the page.

If you’d like to learn more about the program approval process, click here. To further your knowledge of mentor profiles, read How Do I Make a Standout Mentor Profile?

Note: Mentors could be Buddies,Supporters,Tutors or anyone who is offering support to students in their academic journey!