What Is a Mentee?

The Vygo platform supports two types of users: mentors and mentees. While mentors offer support, help or assistance – be it academic or otherwise, mentees are the ones who seek and receive it.

As a mentee signing up to Vygo, we’re assuming that you’ve already identified a specific personal or professional goal that you’d like some human assistance with reaching. Maybe you’re struggling with an engineering subject and want a fellow student who aced it the year before to give you a hand.

Perhaps you’re having trouble understanding some of the technical languages in your business degree and would like a native English speaker to talk you through it, or maybe you need some mental health support from a learned professional.

Your safety as a mentee is our top priority, which means that mentors are not able to initiate contact with you, nor are they able to browse our database of students.

Instead, it’s you who gets to peruse Vygo’s library of mentors available to assist you in your chosen fields, organisations or industries. It is also mentees who send the first request for contact.